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Updated: May 26, 2020

Tommy Productions and Media Services (TPMS) is a multi-media service company that's been based in South Jersey for over 3 years. They produce, edit, repair, transfer and restore film, video, photos, audio and more.

TPMS partnered with me to uplift their brand image and develop brand consistency across the platforms they were marketing on, in addition to developing a new website. It started with consulting on their email signature, and became:

  • Logo redesign

  • Design and development of a new website

  • Social media consulting and short-term management

  • Brand image consulting

  • Website maintenance

  • Graphic design, digital graphics

  • General marketing consulting

Samples of this work are below with more detail.

Website Redesign We redesigned the old website to give TPMS a way to add resourceful and informational content to the website in an organized fashion, and to help them avoid a "retail" brand image. This also consisted of consolidating multiple websites back into one.


  • Platform: Wordpress

  • Special Features: YouTube feed, Blog, Ticker(s)

  • Project Length: 2 months

Logo Design One of the priorities on Tom Rosa's list was creating a new, simplified logo that become the foundation of his brand image. We worked together to fine tune the logo concepts I developed and landed on a final version after a couple short weeks.

Social Media Management TPMS was already on Facebook, but was inconsistent with their activity. During my engagement, we updated the account artwork to be consistent with the brand and I developed two months of content to get the page active again. This included consulting on social marketing campaigns.

*There are samples of additional work pictured above.


For more information about work done for Tommy Productions & Media Services, please email me at

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