Updated: May 26, 2020

RecoveryReformNOW (RRNOW) is a 501c(4) non-profit organization dedicated to advocating and advancing policy reforms for the treatment of substance use disorder to stem the tide of the addiction epidemic.

RRNOW engaged me to help them develop a brand image and establish an online presence that would be easy to maintain.

The work done for RRNOW includes:

  • Logo design

  • Website design and maintenance

  • Social media consulting

  • Graphic design (business cards, event invitations, etc.)

A sample of this work is below with more detail.

Logo Design RRNOW wanted the logo to be something that provoked a level or urgency in a simple, straightforward way. After a couple different concepts, and multiple variations, we landed on the final logo.

Graphic Design & Print Production Once the logo was finalized, I created a business card for each person leading the organization. As needed, I also designed event invitations typically delivered digitally.

Website Design and Maintenance RRNOW wanted a website that would help them tell site visitors who they are, what they're fighting for and keep them up-to-date with pertinent related news. It needed to be easy to manage, easy to update and user-friendly. Details:

  • Platform: Wix

  • Special Features: Third-Party Integration

  • Project Length: One week

Social Media Consulting

Part of having a strong online presence is being everywhere your audience is. To help RRNOW do this, I consulted on the use of social media platforms and development of branded assets for the accounts.


For more information about the work done for Recovery Reform NOW, please email me at

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