Mechanical Monster

Updated: May 26, 2020

Mechanical Monster (MMHVAC) is an HVAC & Refrigeration company based in Philadelphia, PA, that's been providing exceptional service for over 20 years.

MMHVAC reached out because they wanted to simplify their logo and print new branded materials to increase brand awareness. In a short period of time, we were able to complete:

  • Logo redesign

  • Design and production of business cards, lawn signs, weather-resistant decals and company brochures

  • Website audit

  • Social media audit

PIC now has an ongoing relationship with MMHVAC, handling their digital marketing and the production of branded, print materials.

Samples of this work are below with more detail.

Logo Design I started working with MMHVAC because they wanted to redesign their logo to something simple, but strong and recognizable. Using some of the elements from their previous logo and a fresh approach, we were able to finalize their new logo within about one week so it could be used on printed materials.

Printed Materials Owner of MMHVAC, Jeff, wanted to invest in brand awareness. I designed and managed the production of:

  • New business cards

  • Lawn signs

  • Heavy duty, weather-resistant decals

  • Company brochures

Consulting While finishing up the project work noted above, I worked MMHVAC to help them improve their online presence. This conversation led to an ongoing relationship.

*There are samples this work pictured above.


For more information about work done for Mechanical Monster, please email me at

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