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Updated: May 26, 2020

Hoffman's Exterminating (Hoffman's) is a pest control business, with offices in 4 states, that's been serving their local communities since 1990. They work both residential and commercial properties on preventing and mitigating pest problems.

Hoffman's engaged me to manage and execute a marketing strategy we developed together as they built brand awareness in new regions. They had recently acquired several companies, and were looking to wrap them in the Hoffman's branding. Work includes:

  • Marketing strategy & budget planning

  • Acquisition marketing and messaging

  • Social Media content management & advertising

  • Web redesign & maintenance

  • SEO management

  • Content development / copywriting

  • Graphic design

  • Digital communications

  • Media buys / related consulting

  • General marketing / branding consulting

I have an ongoing relationship with Hoffman's and their internal marketing manager.

Samples of this work are below with more detail.

Marketing Strategy & Budget Planning In the 4th quarter, I created a marketing plan for Hoffman's for the following year. This included detailed line items of my recommendations for his marketing and advertising spend, each line with its own budget for the year. Each quarter, we evaluate against the plan and make any necessary changes.

Acquisition Marketing & Messaging The CEO, Bill Hoffman, was looking for someone to help manage his recent acquisitions from a branding and messaging perspective. This involved transitional branding and messaging, and the merging of online assets over time.

Social Media Management Hoffman's had an online presence when I started working with them, but needed assistance with maintaining consistency in brand image and content creation across all platforms (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn). I created a content schedule, sourced and created content / graphics and now continue to help manage their social media presence. This has been specifically important because of their involvement in the community.

SEO Management We have partnered with a vendor that specializes in SEO. I manage this project for HOFF and work with the vendor to ensure we are getting results, evaluating and advising as needed.

Consulting As we execute their marketing strategy, I consult and advise on media buys, brand image and direction, printed materials, grassroots marketing and lead generation.

*There are samples this work pictured above.


For more information about work done for Hoffman's Exterminating, please email alyssa@pointinfiniteconsulting.com.

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