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Our Story 

At the foundation of Point Infinite Consulting (PIC) is the desire to help smaller businesses become self-sufficient. The need for marketing is there. The need for branding and advertising is there. The need for effective management is there. The challenge is, the funds to accomplish all this usually aren't there. 


We're a small business, too. We get it. So PIC's goal is to be a resource for your small business while you navigate through the world of marketing and management. We offer consulting services, training sessions, evaluation services and will even roll up our sleeves and get involved with the work if that's what you need to make it happen for your business. This allows us to help you accomplish what you need in a more organized, efficient and less expensive way.


Right after I graduated college, I had the opportunity to begin my career with the company I was interning with. It was a small, full-service marketing agency whose client list was dominated by small businesses. 

Within the 3+ years I worked there, I saw the challenges our clients faced; limited budgets, difficulty defining their goals and limited understanding of their needs. Some struggled to get their business from Point "A" to Point "B."

Towards the end of my time there, I realized there was a way for smaller businesses to be self-sufficient in the area of marketing with a little bit of help in the beginning stages. After all, nobody knows the business/related industry better than the business owner; they just need someone to help them strategize and show them the best ways to implement it.

And so Point Infinite LLC was established. Our goal is to help small businesses go from struggling to get from Point "A" to Point "B," to reaching their Point Infinite

Alyssa Jones, Founder of Point Infinite Consulting

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About Me


Alyssa Jones

I graduated from Rowan University with a B.S. in Marketing.

The summer before I graduated I got an internship that lead to about four years of working for a small marketing agency in South Jersey.

It was during this time I developed a niche in digital marketing and communications and got certified in Social Media by the Online Marketing Institute.   

I left that agency to pursue grad school, but life circumstances changed and I ended up working for a small management consulting firm about a year later. 

In the middle of the transitions, I started Point Infinite LLC with the intention to help small businesses become self-sufficient in marketing by helping them establish a strong brand image, marketing plan and long-term strategy for maintaining the plan. 

Small businesses are the heart of our economy, and I love having the opportunity to help them grow!